Surrounded by some of the most famous pubs in Dublin, Grafton Street plays a significant role in Dublin Nightlife. Here you'll find well known Irish pubs and bars such as Kehoes Pub, Cafe en Seine, The Porterhouse Central and a lots more. Come and explore Grafton Street, with a large variety of bars and traditional pubs to choose from. There is something for everyone!
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Over 100 years old, Kehoe’s interior maintains a specific, familiar look; the mahogany drawers, the snug, the serving hatch and much more. Whether you frequent Grafton Street or are visiting, Kehoe’s is a perfect traditional Irish pub for an authentic atmosphere that truly captures the pub as it was 100 years ago.


Cafe en Seine

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Commended for its excellent 5-star service, Cafe en Seine is a beautiful cocktail bar with an extensive food menu, catering for lunch, breakfast and brunch available on Saturday and Sunday. Experiences here are made memorable by the carefully designed atmosphere to give you a high-end food experience, while maintaining a casual vibe. Additionally, they offer a variety of spirits, wines and beers.


 The Porterhouse

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On Nassau Street lies The Porterhouse. Known for their beers brewed locally in their Glasnevin brewery, they also offer classic and signature cocktails, and over 100 bottled beers from around the world. Additionally, they have a menu of food sourced from local, Irish producers. More recently, they have set up an outdoor heated beer garden in Adam Court laneway.



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Known for its international sophistication, Bruxelles is a cosmopolitan bar, welcoming cultural diversity, while embracing a traditional Irish culture. You will find it on Harry’s Street, and inside you will see three bars: The Saloon, The Zodiac Bar and the Flanders Bar. Just outside is the Phil Lynott Statue. Bruxelles has played an important role in the birth of the Irish music scene. Bruxelles Bar became a second home for the likes of Thin Lizzy and Skid Row.


The Duke

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Named after the second duke of Grafton, The Duke, on Duke St. has been running since 1822. Included in the annual Dublin Literary Pub Crawl, this pub plays an important part of a historic tour of Dublin. If you pop in on a Sunday night, you will have an opportunity to see some of the finest traditional Irish music, played live.


The Bailey Bar & Cafe

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A great spot for lunch, dinner, and sipping a cocktail or prosecco, at The Bailey, they have an eclectic mix of clientele who are world-aware. Their menu consists of a carefully selected variety of wines, spirits, prosecco & more, and offer a selection of flavoursome, high-quality food, appealing to palettes of all kinds.


The Dawson Lounge




Known as Dublin City's smallest pub, the Dawson Lounge at 25 Dawson Street might easily be gone unnoticed. However, a visit to this cosy pub is recommended, despite the limited space. If you're looking for something a little more snug, this pub might be the perfect spot for you!


Zozimus Bar




Sophisticated and unique, Zozimus Bar plays a significant role in the vibrant Dublin nightlife. The stylish cocktail bar sits on Anne's Lane, a 2-min walk from St. Stephen's Green. Their recognisable, colourful umbrella structure outside captures the artistic atmosphere that surrounds them.



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Considered one of the most iconic literary pubs in Dublin, McDaids is long-standing on Harry Street, established in 1779. Brendan Behan is noted to have frequented the pub, entertaining crowds with his poetic repertoire. If you're looking for a relaxed, authentic atmosphere with a little jazz and blues, McDaids might be the pub for you.


Neary's Bar & Lounge

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Situated on Chatham Street, Neary's is a recognisable pub that dates back to 1887. Their bar and cosy lounge offers a welcoming atmosphere. As it is one of Dublin's oldest and most famous bars, most of the original features remain on the building, including two iconic lamp brackets on the front exterior. If you fancy a bite to eat, their kitchen menu offers a range of sandwich specials, signature soup and more.

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