Surrounded by some of the famous restaurants and cafés in Dublin, Grafton Street proves itself versatile and enjoyable for all, given its huge variety in dining locations and cuisines. For those who appreciate high quality, sustainable tea, coffee, chocolate beverages and a stylish environment, paying a visit to Butler's Chocolate Café or Bewley's is recommended. For a fresh, healthy bite to eat, Chopped will not disappoint! If you'd like some American-style fast food, McDonald's and Burger King are only a stone's throw away. Here is more information on some the finest restaurants in the Dublin 2 area.

Butlers Chocolate Café

Grafton Street Dublin




Dedicated to their craft of exceptional chocolate-making, Butlers Chocolates launched their very first café in 1998, later establishing one on Grafton Street. A tranquil space separate from the business of everyday life, they offer a place where you can enjoy high quality chocolate beverages, tea, coffee & desserts in a stylish environment. Valuing sustainability, they are committed to ethical sourcing of their chocolate.



Grafton Street Dublin




Long considered the home of their brand, Bewley's on Grafton Street satisfies tea and coffee enthusiasts with their finest tea leaves and fair-trade coffee. Built here in 1927, they have formed a reputation like no other, and have made great strides in developing relations with sustainable coffee producers around the world.

Freshly Chopped

Grafton Street Dublin | Restaurants | Freshly Chopped

 Launched in Ireland, Freshly Chopped was created to serve the most fresh, clean and nutritious food to those wanting a healthier lifestyle while on the go. They offer a variety of freshly-prepared salad dishes in minimum time, so that you can enjoy fast healthy food over the counter.



Pacino's Restaurant & Bar

Right next to Grafton Street lies Pacino's Restaurant offers authentic Italian food, using locally-bought, fresh produce, and expertly-chosen wines. Additionally, they offer venue facilities for weddings & other private events, and ensure that a true Italian experience is incorporated into the atmosphere.



Grafton Street Dublin




For a satisfying meat feast, Bunsen offers unique burgers made with the freshest produce possible. They have perfected the perfect hamburger bun, and use Black Aberdeen Angus as their beef of choice. After having tested and sampled various different types of beef in Ireland, cheeses, and establishing suppliers for quality vegetables, they have perfected their very own unique burger taste.


 Xi'An Street Food

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 At Xi'An Street Food, they believe in real food, real flavour, and authenticity. Their dishes are cooked to order using high quality produce, a rich mixture of herbs and spices. Known for their Biang Biang noodles, they produce dishes from the Shaanxi province, as well as implementing many other elements of traditional Chinese cooking, so you can truly get a bite of China.


Lemon & Duke

Grafton Street Dublin | Grafton Street Restaurants | Lemon and Duke




On Duke Lane lies the stylish restaurant Lemon & Duke. Awarded Irish Bar Food of the Year in 2018, their breakfast, lunch and evening menus offer a selection of tantalising gourmet sandwiches, healthy salads, select meats and much more, drawing from European and Asian cuisine. Additionally, their cocktail menu offers a quirky range of concoctions, including a variety of non-alcoholic cocktails. There is certainly something for everyone to enjoy
at Lemon & Duke.


Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Grafton Street Dublin | South Anne Street | Dublin Restaurants | Gourmet Burger Kitchen




On South Anne Street sits Gourmet Burger Kitchen. "Burger-obsessed since 2001", they cook and construct beautiful beef, chicken, veggie and vegan burgers, and offer an extensive range of toppings. Additionally, you can choose from their selection of beers, wines and shakes, to compliment your gorgeous meal.

 Gino's Gelato

Grafton Street Dublin Restaurants | Dessert | Gino's Gelato
If you fancy something for your sweet tooth, Gino's Gelato certainly does not disappoint. Using the best and freshest ingredients and 100% Irish organic milk, Gino's Gelato brings people together through a shared appreciation for gelato, ice cream, crêpes, waffles, milkshakes and more. Combining traditional, authentic techniques, they use Italian and Irish methods to produce their award-winning, delicious desserts.



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