Every day, various different performers come to Grafton Street, as well as other areas in Dublin City Centre, to showcase their talents and musical passions with the public. Once a simple concept of showing up with your instrument and singing your heart out to the people of Dublin, busking is now a far more competitive and organised process. Despite this, many still come to Grafton Street to perform simply because they love doing so. The buskers of Grafton Street have become one of the area’s attractions. Maintaining the buzz and life on the street, they have continued to please shoppers, locals and tourists for many years.


Grafton Street Dublin | Buskers


Street Performance Bye-laws

Recent changes have been made to ensure fair use of the street for performance, including the requirement of a permit, and a time limit of one hour on Grafton Street before moving. The most recent updates on these bye-laws can be found on dublincity.ie. Soon you will be able to find resources on this page, such as permit application forms, and further information on how to apply. Stay tuned!


Well-Known Musicians

A number of successful musicians began their career through busking on Grafton Street. Such musicians include Rodrigo y Gabriela, Glen Hansard, Bono, Keywest and Damien Rice, just to name a few.

 If you visit Grafton Street, you'll certainly come across a number of these performers, whether it's Allie Sherlock and her unique, powerful vocals, or David Owens drawing in a crowd with his warm smile and seamless piano playing.

Grafton Street | David Owens


This shows the importance Grafton Street holds for some, in the beginnings of their successful career paths. The many performers who have once showed up to share their passions with passers-by, and those who continue to queue to this day and dedicate their time to lifting the spirits of those around them, have played a significant role in an undeniably special tradition.